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So, I had some unscheduled time this afternoon and thought I'd poke around social media a bit to catch up after the holiday.  Spent twenty minutes, or so, catching up with friends and family on facebook, a few comments here and there, even a quick status update, no problem there.  Followed a few new folks on twitter, and enjoyed a few clever tweets.  Then... knowing it had been several days since I'd checked on Pinterest I swung over to my page.  A few of my pins had been liked, a few saved, and even got a couple new followers.  

Here's where I got lost... thought I'd  do a quick search and maybe learn a little bit about this "sales funnel" concept I'm hearing all over these days (marketing in the new online world is not my area of expertise by any stretch), well holy-moley, did I open a can of worms.  It appears there are a few experts out there ready to share the 7 Elements, 10 Ways, 15 Trends, 21 Elements, 25 Tools, 29 Essentials, The Anatomy of, The History of, The Road to, The Explosion of, The Importance of...  wait, stooooppppppp!  I think I fell back down the rabbit hole again.  What the... talk about slippery slopes!

So, apparently, there are lots of specific rules and steps and do's & don'ts to marketing online.  I'm sure there is a lot of great information out there, but I just wanted to take a step back and remind you ordinary, non-marketing-expert, people like me that you shouldn't get intimidated or overwhelmed.  There are really only a few basics principles involved here to keep in mind - first, we're simply trying to establish & maintain relationships here; second, you've got to get out there and show off your wares a bit (put yourself out there people); and third, treat these prospects with respect, they're no dummies, and lastly, keep at it, results don't happen overnight.  If all you do is use as a guideline, you can still make progress.  Of course, if you really want to be more efficient & effective with your marketing, pick a rabbit hole and dive in (but you might just want to set a timer, it's very easy to get in deep, quickly).  Lastly, you can always go out and hire one of these bright specialists who have taken the journey and survived to tell us all about it.  Good luck and happy hunting!


<![CDATA[Standing on the Shoulders of Giants]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 15:54:00 GMThttp://www.thebizgarage.com/blog/standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giantsPicture
Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with ."  

So, who are you hanging out with?  How's that working out for you?  You happy with the person you 'average' out to be?  I hope you said YES!  But, just in case, maybe now's a good time of year to think about who you're hanging out with, and how you're spending your time.  

Another saying we like, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room," is another way to look at it.  Take time to think about who you're really spending time and what you're doing with that time (quantity, quality, breadth of character/backgrounds/skillsets) and maybe make plans to shake things up a bit.  Find a mentor(s), check out some new groups, take a class - challenge & treat yourself to some fresh thinking and positive role models.

Will you be in the same place this time around next year?  What changes can you make now to positively impact the results you're aiming to achieve?  No need to reinvent the wheel, go stand on the shoulders of giants!

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The Ten Commandments of Entrepreneurial Success part 1

In this edition, the first in a three part series, Mike, together with co-host Daniel Flores, introduces the first group in what he refers to as "The Ten Commandments of Entrepreneurial Success."  

These are nuggets he’s collected over the years of working with dozens of entrepreneurs that have helped lead them to success on their journeys.  Taken individually, or as a collection, these are powerful ideas that will help you navigate the tricky waters that come with running a company.

Entrepreneurial Insights, (a peek behind the curtain) weekly musings, interviews, and commentary to help business owners thrive.  

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TBG 1:1

Hi folks & welcome to a sneak-preview edition of Entrepreneurial Insights (A Peek Behind The Curtain) where you’ll find nuggets, insights and fresh perspectives on the joys and challenges of running a business. Come follow along on this journey and we’ll help you find the courage to boldly make the leap, quickly climb up the learning curve, or confidently build a sturdy & sustainable business, oh & be a human being in the process - living a life worth living. 

Entrepreneurial Insights, (a peek behind the curtain) 
weekly musings, interviews, and commentary to help business owners thrive

Hosted by Mike Ames of The Biz Garage
Produced by Toolbox Media and The Biz Garage

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Your Daily Spark... So let's take a minute or two to think about SECURITY? What does this bring up for you? Physical, Emotional, Financial? How secure are your business, your relationships, your home, your future, your health, your happiness? Taking a few minutes to think about this, a topic so many ignore or take for granted, can shake up your routine. 

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